Huntingdon Manor’s response to COVID-19; we’re here for you in times of need

Exterior view of Pendray Inn & Tea House with a pond & fountain in the front yard

Since the appearance of the novel coronavirus, the World entered unprecedented territory, with the pandemic changing our daily lives in a drastic manner. Despite all the uncertainty, there is also a growing surge of hope and community support as people, businesses, and the government work together to flatten the curve and fight the virus.

At the Huntingdon Manor Hotel, we are doing our part, and are adapting to these new times. As an essential service, we want to be here and support our community by accommodating people, who, for a variety of reasons, need a safe and welcoming place to stay. The purpose of this blog post is to give you a virtual tour of the different preventative measures we have in place, including some unique services offered to our in-house guests, as customer service remains one of our top priorities.

Cleanliness and Preventative Measures at the Hotel:

Guest and staff’s health and safety is our main priority. At Huntingdon Manor Hotel, we always hold ourselves to the highest standards of cleanliness, and in light of the spread of COVID-19, we have implemented the following preventative measures: 

  • A special cleaning task force.
  • All-day disinfecting of individual items such as room key cards, pens, credit card machine and keyboards.
  • All-day disinfecting of public surfaces including door handles, elevator buttons and furniture.
  • Closure of common areas and provision of staff relief hotel rooms
  • Deep cleaning of guest room between each individual stay
  • Touchless check-in and Plexiglas protection at the Front Desk
  • Provision of PPE items where needed

​You’re with Family When Staying at Huntingdon Manor Hotel:

​Although “Stay Home” is the modo followed by most people, in some cases it's just not an option. We are here to support those frontline workers, health workers, or necessary travellers who need a place to stay, all while making them feel cared for like they are with family.  
To ensure the safety of our team and our guests, we’ve equipped the Front Desk with a Plexiglas protection screen and implemented a touchless check-in system.  We also offer complimentary room delivery service from your local grocery store. 

​To reduce any risks of contamination, we eliminated stay-over housekeeping services, providing instead a fully equipped cleaning basket to our guests, often with some surprise treats and kind messages.  A deep-clean of each room is completed between stays. We’re also very lucky to have an extensive garden in full spring bloom, which is a perfect place to relax and escape reality, albeit just for a moment, all while practicing social distancing. 

Our Grab n’ Go Breakfast 

Although we are proud of our recently launched waste-free buffet breakfast, for health and safety reasons, we have limited our breakfast service to a continental basket featuring pre-wrapped (sorry Earth) pastry, granola bar, bottled juice, and whole fruit. The breakfast basket is dropped off every morning by the guestroom door. 


Supporting Frontline and Essential Workers 

The triple bottom line framework continues to be the core of our company, and with People-Planet-Profit in mind and the immediate needs of our community, we are currently focusing on “People”. Our discounted Compassion Rate is our way to reach out to front line and essential workers and provide affordable, comfortable accommodation to protect themselves or their loved ones. For more information about this rate, please visit our website or email

​Although it can sometimes feel as this crisis has no end in sight, we’re are all in this together, and we will get through this with better days ahead!  Practising social distancing and following our government’s advisories has greatly contributed in flattening the curve; the best remedy until a vaccine is developed. We strongly stand behind the mandate “Stay Home and Travel Later”, but we are here for you if do need a place to stay.  Otherwise, we truly hope to welcome you back at the Huntingdon Manor Hotel and Pendray Inn and Tea House in a not too distant future and create many new fond memories.