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Environment-Friendly Hotel

At Huntingdon Hotel and Suites, sustainability is not merely a buzzword; it's an integral part of our identity. We hold a profound commitment to our guests, employees, community, and the environment. Honoured with the 2019 Greenest Lodging Ecostar Award, and current finalist for the Greater Victoria Sustainable Business Practices Award, our approach is founded on the triple bottom line principle, harmonizing social, environmental, and economic considerations while continuously seeking improvement and leading the path towards a sustainable future. 

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Making a Difference: The 2030 Pledge

Huntingdon Hotel and Suites proudly embraces the Sustainable Tourism 2030 Pledge. This pledge, based on globally recognized sustainability standards, reaffirms our commitment to elevating the hotel's environmental, social, and economic impact. As a participant in this initiative initiated by the United Nations in 2021, we are not merely pursuing "green" practices; we are dedicated to achieving excellence in sustainable hospitality. 

Biosphere Certified

Huntingdon Manor Hotel is distinguished with a Biosphere Certification, a rigorous accreditation that underscores our commitment to sustainability across economic, socio-cultural, and environmental spheres. Aligned with the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals, this certification scrutinizes our operations to ensure optimal balance between guest satisfaction, community enrichment, and planetary stewardship. Learn more.

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Green Key Status

The Green Key Eco-rating program is recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). This 5-grade rating system is designed to acknowledge hospitality properties that are committed to improving their environmental performance. As of 2018, we are proud to have earned a 4 Green Key status. Our goal is to continue to focus on developing our green and social initiatives over the coming years.  


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EcoFund Verified by GreenStep Solutions

Our dedication to environmental stewardship is unwavering. Since March 1st, 2021, we proudly hold the distinction of being an EcoFund Verified business—a program endorsed by the BC Hotel Association—where we champion sustainable practices. We wholeheartedly invite our cherished guests to be a part of this transformative journey. With each night of your stay, a modest EcoFee of $2.00 is applied, directing funds towards significant carbon reduction initiatives. This undertaking has propelled various projects, including our comprehensive transition to energy-efficient LED lighting, a $45k investment, our innovative beekeeping program, and the installation of EV charging stations.

To ensure transparency and effectiveness, we collaborate with GreenStep Solutions, an external entity, to implement and oversee an array of conservation projects within our premises, spanning energy savings to waste reduction. They not only streamline our initiatives but rigorously verify their impact in reducing our environmental footprint. We are committed to providing an informative annual report, showcasing our achievements and forthcoming projects, accessible to our valued guests and stakeholders. Based in Kelowna, BC, GreenStep Solutions stands at the forefront of enhancing businesses' sustainability metrics. As a Certified B Corporation, they harness 100% renewable energy through Bullfrog Power. To delve further into their commendable efforts, please visit

We Cherish our Community 

  • Sustainability action plan with key goals and objectives, overviewed by a Sustainability Committee representing all departments. 
  • Reducing Food waste through partnership with Too Good To Go 
  • Supporting local artists, charities, and non-profit through donations and gifting numerous certificates annually 

Indigenous Tourism Destination Fund

A Path Towards Reconciliation

On its journey towards reconciliation, the Huntingdon Hotel and Suites proudly embraces Call to Action #92, partnering with the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC). The hotel is committed to supporting the Indigenous Tourism Destination Fund (ITDF) by introducing a $0.25 fee for each room per night, with all proceeds directly benefiting the ITDF. 

The ITDF, established by ITAC, plays a pivotal role in fostering the growth of the Indigenous tourism industry. By becoming a Reconciliation Partner and contributing to the ITDF, Huntingdon Hotel and Suites actively supports the enhancement of respectful relationships and the economic empowerment of Indigenous communities. The fund focuses on vital areas such as infrastructure, human resources, transportation, business development, and marketing, ensuring the prosperity of Indigenous tourism for current and future generations.

For more information about the Indigenous Tourism Destination Fund and how it's shaping the future of Indigenous tourism in Canada, please visit