Accessibility Policy for Huntingdon Hotel and Suites and Pendray Inn and Tea House

Our Commitment: 

At Huntingdon Hotel and Suites and Pendray Inn and Tea House, we are dedicated to offering a welcoming, inclusive, and accessible experience for all our guests, including those with disabilities. We understand the challenges involved in working with historic properties where original construction did not account for modern accessibility needs. We are committed to actively improving accessibility wherever possible. 

Hotel Accessibility Features

Hotel exterior with garden & street view at Huntingdon Manor

Huntingdon Manor Hotel:

  • Accessible Rooms: We offer accessible rooms for guests with mobility issues. Rooms 211, 224, and 228 are wheelchair accessible and include accessible baths and bathrooms with grab bars. 
  • 3rd Floor Loft Rooms: All rooms on the 3rd floor are loft rooms, featuring stairs leading to the room's upper loft. These rooms are not recommended for guests with mobility issues. 
  • Limited Accessibility on 1st Floor: The 1st floor, including the upper lobby, Hunter’s restaurant, and 1st floor rooms, is not wheelchair accessible due to a flight of stairs at both ends of the building. 
  • Dining Accessibility: The 1st floor, including the upper lobby, Hunter’s restaurant, and 1st floor rooms, is not wheelchair accessible due to stairs. Alternate dining arrangements are available for those unable to access Hunter’s restaurant. 
  • Underground Parking: We provide accessible parking spaces located next to the elevator in our underground parking lot for ease of access. 
Hotel exterior & its historical architecture at Huntingdon Manor

Pendray Inn and Tea House:

Historical Building: Over a century old, the Pendray Inn and Tea House was constructed before the advent of elevators and modern accessibility design. As a result, it lacks accessible guest rooms and elevators, and is not recommended for guests with mobility issues. We are continually exploring ways to adapt our facilities within the constraints of our historic structure. 

Staff Ramp Usage: Our staff ramp is not up to the code for an accessibility ramp. However, it can be used on request with a staff member present to assist. 

Service Animals: 

  • Rights and Privileges: In accordance with the Guide Animal Act, guests accompanied by a certified guide animal are welcomed and have the same rights, privileges, and obligations as those not accompanied by a guide animal. 
  • Accessibility: Service animals may enter and use any accommodation, public transportation, eating place, lodging place, or any other public area. 
  • No Pet Fees: We do not apply pet fees for service animals. 

Outdoor Accessibility: 

  • We warmly welcome everyone, regardless of mobility, to enjoy the serene beauty and tranquility of our gardens. 
  • Dr. Bonnie Henry Community Garden: This garden is wheelchair accessible and includes 3 accessible garden plots, ensuring an inclusive experience for all our guests. 

Feedback and Contact 

We welcome your feedback on our accessibility features and are committed to enhancing our services. For any questions, comments, or assistance with reservations, please reach us at: 


Phone: 1-800-663-7557  |  Email:  

Your comfort and satisfaction are our priorities, and we endeavor to promptly address your needs and concerns.