Huntingdon Manor Hotel Wins 2019 Greenest Lodge Ecostar Award!

Staff management posing & holding an award in Greenest Lodge Ecostar Awards at Pendray Inn & Tea House

On November 21st, 2019, the Huntingdon Manor Hotel and Pendray Inn and Tea House was awarded the 2019 Ecostar Award for Greenest Lodging.  The Ecostar Awards recognizes every year businesses, non-profits, academia, and community leaders that accomplish outstanding environmental achievements and stewardship on Vancouver Island.  The Greenest Lodging Award acknowledges an hospitality business that has demonstrated initiatives to reduce waste, energy consumption, water usage, pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in their daily operations. Sponsored by Destination Greater Victoria, previous winners include Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort, and Parkside Hotel in Victoria. 

The hotel is committed to maintain a sustainable operation, with the triple bottom line principle as one of its core values.  Some key initiatives include the elimination of single-packaged items and disposable goods, partnerships with like-minded local businesses, switch to LED lights and low-flow shower-heads, a thorough composting and recycling program, activities and awareness programs for staff and guests alike, and a carbon offset program diverting 1,227.6 tons of C02 to date to the Darkwoods Forest Carbon Project by Ecostay Certified.

​As the General Manager, Erin Cassels, states “We are incredibly proud of our entire team for their hard work in 2019 and ongoing commitment to social responsibility, with special thanks to our Sustainability Manager, Julia Canton.  We realize there is so much more we, as an industry, need to do.  The Huntingdon Manor Hotel and Pendray Inn and Tea House is looking forward to being contributors to building a more sustainable future in our beautiful destination.”   

​Organized for the 5th consecutive year by the Synergy Sustainability Institute, the 2019 Ecostar Awards were held at the Delta Hotel by Marriott
Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort. Over the course of the evening, 21 awards categories were given away from climate action champions to leadership in design and construction. It was a true celebration of Vancouver Island’s sustainability leadership.

We would like to congratulate all finalists and winners of the 2019 Ecostar Awards. Click here to view them as there are some impressive initiatives and eco-solutions. We’re proud of being part of this great community who is working hard and leading the way for a more sustainable future.