Charming bench surrounded by a well-maintained flower garden at Huntingdon Manor

Dr. Bonnie Henry Community Garden

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Dr. Bonnie Henry's memorial engraved on a stone in the garden at Huntingdon Manor
Team of individuals gardening on a sunny day at Huntingdon Manor
Women gardening with a rake on a sunny day at Huntingdon Manor
Women setting up bags for gardening on a sunny day at Huntingdon Manor
Soil bags with crops set up in the garden at Huntingdon Manor
Close-up of fresh herbs & crops in the outdoor garden at Huntingdon Manor
Bench overlooking the garden & crops at Huntingdon Manor

The Inaugural Project 

In partnership with the James Bay Neighbourhood Association, the Huntingdon Hotel and Suites introduced the Dr. Bonnie Henry Commemorative Community Garden. Born amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, this sanctuary was created to support those most affected, providing fresh produce, a place of solace, and promoting mental well-being. With foundational support from Victoria’s Food Eco District, we began with 12 plots to serve our community's needs. This initiative symbolized a place of hope, kindness, and unity during challenging times. Therefore, we aptly named it "The Dr. Bonnie Henry Commemorative Garden" in recognition of Dr. Henry's reassuring voice of hope when it was most needed and her mantra, "Be Kind, Be Calm, and Be Safe."

Growth and Development

Since its inception, the garden has undergone a remarkable transformation. It expanded from 12 to 25 plots, with three designed for accessibility. Recognized as an official community garden by the City of Victoria, it has evolved from a temporary response to the pandemic into a permanent fixture at the Huntingdon Manor Hotel.

Community Impact

The garden serves as a symbol of innovation and community cooperation. As the first private business in Victoria to initiate such a project, we have set a precedent. We have demonstrated how businesses can reimagine their green spaces, not just as aesthetic enhancements but as communal assets that uplift the spirit and well-being of the community.

Join Our Green Journey 

Experience the tranquility and sense of community the garden provides. Local residents interested in joining the waiting list can contact us at for more information.